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August 13, 2019 The Pentel P205- A Pencil
August 11, 2019 Album Review: Bon Iver - i,i
Cries Wolf. Loses Credibility. Later Devoured. Frasier Shrink Uncrambles Eggs; Orders Cappucinno. "Cheers"! Family Matters #1 Nerd Faces Rare Condition- Neighborly Love Family Matters #2 Suspendered Steve Ponders Cause and Effect. Real Genius Review Exploited Prodigies Misdirect Energy. Large Popcorn! Meatballs Misfit Wins Camp Marathon. Doesn't Matter. Who's The Boss Danza Cleans; Attempts Filling Leadership, Vacuum. Alf Melmacian Embraces Terrestrial Life; Maintains Felineatarianism.

Second-Order Beliefs and Gender in the Lab

Competing for Priorities in School Choice

A Generalization of Teicher’s Poisson Tail Inequality

Non-Cooperative Team Formation and a Team Formation Mechanism

Room Composition Effects on Risk Taking by Gender

Matching Soulmates

Let me, or Let George? Motives of competing altruists

From Coordination to Double-crossing: Experiments on the Strategic Behavior of Groups

Coordinated Volunteers’ Dilemmas

Complainer’s Dilemma

A Binomial Tail Inequality for Successes


Taking Turns (GEB, 2017)

Moral Hazard and Reciprocity (SEJ, 2010)

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