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Econ 8100 (PhD Micro)
Econ 3012 (Int. Micro)

Published Papers

# Castillo, Macro, Greg Leo, and Ragan Petrie. “Room Composition Effects on Risk Taking by Gender.” Experimental Economics 23, (2020): 895–911.
# Bergstrom, Ted, Rod Garratt, and Greg Leo. “Let Me, or Let George? Motives of Competing Altruists.” Games and Economic Behavior 118, (2019): 269-283.
# Leo, Greg. “Taking Turns.” Games and Economic Behavior 102, (2017): 525-547.
# Castillo, Marco, and Gregory Leo. “Moral Hazard and Reciprocity.” Southern Economic Journal 77, no. 2 (2010): 271-281.


Some Challenges About The Shape of Functions
# 1.1


# My New Webpage
Welcome Welcome to my new website! This website uses the Hugo static site builder. All pages and posts are exported from Org-mode files using ox-hugo. The theme is hugo-theme-console by Marcin Mierzejewski. Since the page is written entirely in structured org-mode files using markdown, it should be much easier to maintain.