11/8/21, 9:55 PM @webpage

I’ve moved my site generation to a raspberry pi.

Previously, this site was generated in the cloud via a GitHub action. This required GitHub to fire up a virtual machine each time I updated my site. To speed up this process and expand my control over the generation, I’ve migrated this to an older pi 3, which provides more than enough power to handle this tiny site.

The time from updating my source repo to having live html updates is down to about a minute, and now I can incorporated more complex build workflows using other tools.

11/4/21, 7:14 PM @academic

Andrew Dustan, Kristine Koutout and I have completed a new working papge: Reduction in Belief Elicitation.

11/1/21, 7:32 PM @retrocomputing

I am on gopherspace at gopher://

10/25/21, 12:34 PM @retrocomputing

ChiWriter is a document editor for MsDos with built-in math fonts written by Cay Horstmann in 1986. It is available as abandonware on Cay Hortsmann's Website.

The look of ChiWriter inspried the theme of this page. So blue…

ChiWriter in Action

Here is a snip of the “printed” Postscript output.

ChiWriter Output

10/23/21, 8:14 PM @retrocomputing

I am now on gopherspace at gopher://

10/19/21, 9:33 PM @academic

I am happy to announce VU Meets and Joins a new Theory/Experimental brown bag series at Vanderbilt. We meet every other Wednesday at 12pm in Calhoun 413B.

Our first meeting is tomorrow 10/20/21:

If you are interested in presenting to our group, reach out to me. We are open to outside speakers either in-person or via zoom.

10/16/21 @academic

I have added an updated working paper Subgame Perfect Coalition Formation (joint with Eugene Vorobeychik and Myrna Wooders).

In this paper, we analyze a dynamic coalition formation game, the “seqeuential proposer game”. A player proposes a coalition. The players in that coalition accpet or reject the proposal. As long as each player is able to make enough proposals, the equilibrium outcome is Pareto optimal.

9/25/21 @academic

I will be presenting “Minimal Experiments” (joint with PJ Healy) on 10/4/21 at The University of Tennessee.

8/20/21 @academic

Matching Soulmates has been accepted in the Journal of Public Economic Theory. The latest version of the paper is available here.

xkcd 770

xkcd #770

8/13/21 @webpage

This page now builds automatically using github actions! This lets me update the page and add content from anywhere. In fact, I posted this update from my Pocket C.H.I.P.

Pocket CHIP

8/12/21 @webpage

Welcome to my new website. This new website generator is written in R. The theme celebrates the 30th anniversary of the public World Wide Web. See for instance: Caine, Farber & Gordon.