Greg Leo

Microeconomic Theorist at Vanderbilt University / Cofounder of HIVE Research
I design tools for experimental economics.
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About This Webpage
Exploits (a Tiny Blog)


About the HIVE Integrated Experimental Economics Research Platform.
HIVE Presentation and Demo
Announcing HIVE: Integrated Experimental Economics Research Platform


Materials for Curent and Past Courses.
Vanderbilt Intermediate Micro - 3012
Vanderbilt PhD Micro


Unpublished Economics Papers.
Complainer's Dilemma (Submitted)
Minimal Experiments (Submitted)
Reduction in Belief Elicitation (Submitted)
Eliciting Subjective Real-valued Beliefs (Submitted)
Coarse Belief Elicitation
The Coordinated Volunteer's Dilemma (Updated!)
Competing for Priorities in School Choice
From Coordination to Double-Crossing


Published Economics Papers.
Second-Order Beliefs and Gender (JEBO)
Subgame Perfect Coalition Formation (Dynamic Games and Applications)
Matching Soulmates (JPET)
Let Me, or Let George? (GEB)
Room Composition Effects on Risk Taking by Gender (EE)
Taking Turns (GEB)
Moral Hazard and Reciprocity (SEJ)


Short papers in probability theory.
A Binomial Tail Inequality for Successes
A Generalization of Teicher's Poisson Tail Inequality


Things I have designed.
QAZ Personal Terminal ("Slabtopp" Computer) - One Handed Keyboard Layout


Small apps written in R.
Demand Finder
2d Hotelling Game
Word Slayer (R Shiny Word Game)
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